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Frozen Custard Excellence

Welcome to Luv-it Frozen Custard of Las Vegas, Nevada. Locals have been lining up at our multi-generational, family-owned business since 1973 for Las Vegas' first and best, frozen custard scoops and sundaes. Our custard is made fresh daily from only the highest quality ingredients.

Super Selection

Walk up to our order window and choose from our daily selection of two unique flavors, plus vanilla and chocolate. Have a single, double, or triple scoop cone or our one-size in a cup. You may enjoy our crowd pleasing, Western Sundae, or perhaps you would like to try a flavor like:

• Cherry Pie
• Blue Moon
• Death By Chocolate
• Chocolate Pretzel
• Sin-A-Buns
• Liquorice
• Gingerbread Cookie
• Pumpkin
• Root Beer Float

There's A Flavor For You

We promise there's a special frozen treat to satisfy every sweet tooth! We also offer one size to go, hard packed in all of our flavors, in case your favorite is not one of our daily offerings.

Check out our website for a full list of flavors and a calendar of daily selections, and then join the fan list for updates. We now accept debit cards with a $10.00 minimum purchase. We invite residents and visitors alike to stop by for a one-of-a-kind taste experience you won't soon forget! Our slogan says it all. Try it...You'll Luv-it!

Flavors of the Month

Fresh Banana Nut EVERY Sunday

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April 2018 Flavors

Sunday - 4/1
Fresh Banana Nut and Almond Chip

Monday -4/2
Butter Pecan and Mango

Tuesday - 4/3
Swiss Almond and Cheesecake

Wednesday - 4/4
Death by Chocolate and Lemon

Thursday - 4/5
Raspberry and Maple Walnut

Friday - 4/6
Champagne Cherry and Mocha

Saturday  - 4/7
Chocolate Pretzel and Strawberry

Sunday - 4/8
Fresh Banana Nut and Peanut Butter

Monday - 4/9
Blueberry and Rocky Road

Tuesday - 4/10
Coconut and Malt Creme

Wednesday - 4/11
Cookie N Cream and Heath Bar

Thursday - 4/12
Mint Chocolate Chip and Peach

Friday - 4/13
Apple Spice and Birthday Cake

Saturday - 4/14
Blue Moon Cherry Pie

Sunday - 4/15
Fresh Banana Nut and Wild Cherry

Monday - 4/16
Very Berry and Pineapple

Tuesday - 4/17
M & M and Apple Pie

Wednesday - 4/18
Orange and Cookie Dough

Thursday - 4/19
Chocolate Chip and Peppermint

Friday - 4/20
Root Beer Float and Butter Pecan

Saturday - 4/21
Sin-A-Bun and Pumpkin

Sunday - 4/22
Fresh Banana Nut and Strawberry

Monday - 4/23
Red Velvet and Cookies N Cream

Tuesday - 4/24
Lemon and Cheesecake

Wednesday - 4/25
Mango and Raspberry

Thursday - 4/26
Blueberry and Peanut Butter

Friday - 4/27
Chocolate Chip and Champagne Cherry

Saturday - 4/28
Maple Walnut and Coconut

Sunday - 4/29
Fresh Banana Nut and Mint Chocolate Chip

Monday - 4/30
Birthday Cake and Swiss Almond